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Make the entrance to your home warm and inviting with hallway pendant lighting from The Wall Lighting Company. All our hallway lighting is designed to create a luxury but... read more.

Make the entrance to your home warm and inviting with hallway pendant lighting from The Wall Lighting Company. All our hallway lighting is designed to create a luxury but homely atmosphere for your entryway, to welcome you each time you return home and guests when they come to visit. Installing a hallway pendant light makes a real statement and completes the home perfectly. Our collection of hanging lights for your hallway includes a wide range of colours, styles and materials to suit any home entrance.

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To Suit Rooms

For a centrepiece that instantly draws the eye, opt for a chandelier light that will evoke style and sophistication. If you’re more of a minimalist, we have a beautiful range of wicker pendant lights that create an artistic and natural lighting solution. Our glass pendant lights always make a fantastic choice for the hallway due to their ability to compliment bright and airy natural light throughout the day and give a warm, relaxing feel on an evening. 

Can you put a pendant light in a hallway? 

Hallway pendant lights are a fantastic choice to brighten up a home’s entrance. By evoking a relaxed mood, your hallway will always be a warm and inviting space, providing a fail-safe first impression for guests. A single hallway pendant light will shine beautifully around the space, distributing relaxed lighting to every corner of a smaller hall. If your hallway leads through the house, a row of multiple pendant lights will illuminate the space with ease.

How low should pendant lights hang in a hallway? 

When installing hallway pendant lights, always ensure there is at least 7ft between the floor and the bottom of the pendant light. To avoid your entryway feeling cluttered, we’d recommend there are around 4ft between the pendant light and any surrounding furniture or wall fixtures.

What type of pendant lights are best for hallways?

When it comes to lighting for hallways and landings, if you are looking to modernise these areas, then it would be best to have dangly lights or glass pendant lights that exude an air of opulence and modern luxury. These are great statement pendant lights for contemporary hallway lighting! If you want something more unique, browse through our wide range of hallway pendant lights at The Wall Lighting Company.

Where should I place hallway pendant lights?

A single hallway ceiling light in the centre of the hallway is a great way to illuminate this area instead of having to install multiple wall lights across the length of the hallway. Lantern pendant lights for the hallway are not only ideal for lighting up the space, but they are also beautiful to look at, adding a chic feel to the area.

What size should hallway pendant lights be?

Hallway landing lights should not be too long or too big as they can become an obstruction if people are walking along the hallway. As a result, this means that large hallway lights should only be used for homes with big enough hallways to accommodate their sizes. Small chandeliers for a hallway or small hallway ceiling lights are the more suitable lighting options for a small hallway.

What materials are hallway pendant lights made of?

At The Wall Lighting Company, our collection of pendant light fittings for hall and landing areas are made up of a number of different materials and textures. For instance, we supply industrial hallway lighting of various metals - brass, silver, nickel, and others, as well as more unique and unconventional materials such as rattan, fabric, or woven.

Should I place more than one pendant light in a hallway?

This can depend on the size of the hallway or landing itself. Long hallway lights might consist of several small pendant lights, whereas for small hallway lighting, a single pendant light
might be best. If you have a particularly large and tall hallway or landing, you might want to also consider a large hallway chandelier for a touch of luxe in your home.

How energy-efficient are hallway pendant lights?

At The Wall Lighting Company, we have a selection of hallway pendant lights that are compatible with LED light bulbs, meaning that you can save money in the long run with energy-efficient hallway and landing ceiling lights. LED bulbs tend to have a much longer lifespan than other types of light bulbs and they don’t consume as much energy, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing the bulbs. Save money on energy bills and light bulb replacements!

Is it possible to install hallway pendant lights by myself?

Only install hallway and landing lights if you are knowledgeable about the electrical wiring process, otherwise you could potentially hurt yourself during the installation. Hiring a qualified electrician to do the job for more is much safer and more efficient than attempting to do it yourself. Not only do they know what they are doing, but they are probably able to complete the task promptly.

What colour lighting should I use for hallways and landings?

Many people prefer bright hallway lighting, either opting for warm white or cool white lighting for their hallways and landings. However, the colour lighting to have for your home is entirely dependent on your own preferences! Warm lighting helps to exude a cosy and homely atmosphere, whereas cool lighting certainly brightens up spaces for a classic and urban feel.

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