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Pendant Lights

From chandeliers to fabric cone shades, our medium pendant lights are certain to make a stylish addition to your home. Hanging a single medium pendant light in the centre of the room is a simple and classic way to illuminate a space, being a popular choice for both new and old builds as this look tends to suit rooms of all sizes. If you spend £60 or more, all of our lights are available for free UK delivery.

To Suit Rooms
£0 £2600

Lenham Medium Clear Globe Classic Pendant


    Soho Medium Grey Smoked Handblown Glass Globe Pendant Light


      Lenham Large Smoked Grey Glass Globe Pendant Light


        Lenham Large Ribbed Glass Globe Pendant


          Camber Oval Medium Handblown Clear Glass Pendant Light


            Camber Oval Medium Handblown Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


              Hythe Medium Handblown Bell Clear Glass Pendant Light


                Camber Oval Handblown Teal Blue Glass Pendant Light


                  Rye Medium Cone Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


                    Rye Medium Handblown Smoked Cone Glass Pendant Ceiling Light


                      Rye Medium Hand Blown Cone Clear Glass Pendant Ceiling Light


                        Bodium Medium Bell Shaped Clear Glass Pendant Light


                          Coloured Glass Pendant Light


                            Large Grey with Nickel Interior Dome Pendant Light


                              Small Ribbed Glass Globe Classic Pendant Ceiling Light


                                Eden Elegant Clear Glass Globe Pendant Light - Medium


                                  Short Reeded Glass Pendant Light


                                    Rebell Prismatic Glass Cookie Pendant Light


                                      Elegance Large Solid Unique Pendant Light


                                        Ceramic Pendant Light - Terracotta


                                            Senna Marble Ceiling Light


                                                Flat Marbled Ceramic Pendant Light


                                                  Round Reeded Glass Pendant Light


                                                    Reeded Glass Pendant Light


                                                      Borealis Regular Brass and Glass Domed Vintage Style Pendant Light


                                                          Ophelia Porcelain Pendant Light


                                                            Percy Medium Brass and Glass Vintage Style Pendant Light


                                                                Bronte Porcelain Pendant Light


                                                                  Delphinium Porcelain 3 Light Cluster Pendant


                                                                    Foxglove Porcelain 3 Light Cluster Pendant


                                                                      Acanthus Porcelain 3 Light Cluster Pendant


                                                                        Foxglove Porcelain 5 Light Cluster Pendant


                                                                          Delphinium Porcelain 5 Light Cluster Pendant


                                                                            Acanthus Porcelain 5 Light Cluster Pendant


                                                                              Medium Carrington Vintage Style Lantern Pendant Light


                                                                                  Industrial Rectangular Cage Pendant


                                                                                      Medium Finley Art Deco Opal Glass Pendant Light


                                                                                        Medium Simple Clear Glass Dome Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                                                          Vienna Vintage Factory Cutout Style Pendant


                                                                                            Medium Classic Prismatic Glass Bell Shaped Pendant Light


                                                                                              Medium Amber Etched Glass Bee Pendant Light


                                                                                                Chehoma Classic Square French Indoor Lantern Pendant Light


                                                                                                    Chehoma Textured Glass Globe Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                                                                        Henrietta Tiered Glass Pendant Light


                                                                                                          Luxor Medium Clear Glass and Brass Pendant


                                                                                                              Vintage Style Industrial Caged Pendant Light


                                                                                                                Cylindrical Clear Glass Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                                                                                  Modern Etched Star Clear Glass Globe Pendant Light


                                                                                                                    Etched Star Coloured Glass Pendant Light


                                                                                                                      Solid Aluminium Ship's Passageway Ceiling Light


                                                                                                                          Concrete Geometric Pendant Light


                                                                                                                            Priscilla Regular Blown Glass Pendant Light


                                                                                                                                Medium Ceiling Lights

                                                                                                                                Medium ceiling lights, as you might guess, are the average sized lights that fit into most rooms seamlessly. Here at The Wall Lighting Company we have many different styles available, so whether you want a modern chrome pendant for your bathroom, a traditional antique brass light for your dining room, or a designer wood pendant for your bedroom, we're sure to have medium pendant lights that match your personal taste and style. Carefully selected from trusted manufacturers all over the world, glass medium pendant lights might be best for spaces with less natural lighting due to their efficiency, whereas fabric medium pendant lights can produce a softer glow that emphasises the cosiness of a home. 

                                                                                                                                Medium Hanging Lights

                                                                                                                                Many of our medium hanging lights are adjustable, allowing you to control the length of the cable it hangs from so you can ensure they're either high above your head in the hallway or lounge or low next to your bedside or over a kitchen counter. Also, most of our medium pendant lights are dimmable, so you can ensure the bulb does not shine too harshly or create a gentle ambience by dimming the bulb. You may also want to take a look at our medium wall lights.

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