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Solid Brass
Pendant Lights

There’s no mistaking the quality of solid brass pendant lights. They are a solid choice! Most of these solid brass pendant lights retain their warm golden-brown tone, but some of them are coated in different colours - so you can have the sturdy brass material without being limited to a brass colour!

To Suit Rooms
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Large Edison Industrial Vintage Pendant


    Solid brass ceiling lights

    Be bold as brass when it comes to your lighting! Lights on or off, they make all the difference to the look of a room. Solid brass pendant lights look wonderful over a kitchen island and over dining tables. Don’t forget, they can be equally effective in bathrooms and hallways. Likewise, a solid brass pendant light is a welcome sight in a front door porch.

    Solid brass hanging lights

    Solid brass ceiling lights are a sight to behold. Brass is a popular choice for designers making nautical and industrial themed pendant lights in particular. Whatever style you want, you’ll be reassured by the quality of a solid brass ceiling light. A close-fitting pendant light works well in lower rooms, if you have high ceilings, highly strung pendants lights create a lasting impression. Choose between traditional, contemporary or retro. See the different styles and find the right ones for you.

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