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Wall Lights

Small wall lights are a perfect addition to your home decor. You can create a stunning look with a single small wall light or fit several along the wall to make a statement. Practical and versatile, our range of small wall lights is sure to contain something that matches your home.

To Suit Rooms

Small wall sconces

The beauty of small wall lights is they simply do the job without any fuss! They take up minimal space yet can still add that all-important lighting in the home. Angled fittings and dimmable bulbs allow you to change the ambience in a room easily, and our small wall sconces come in a range of different styles and materials so you can match your room's existing theme. Our small glass wall lights have a dainty and elegant look, whereas our small metal wall lights look a bit more robust and (depending on the shape) industrial and/or modern.

Small wall light

When you are faced with decisions about how to light a room, small wall lights can be the answer. You can use one of multiple small wall lights to create different effects. It’s a wonderful way to add flexible lighting to your rooms. Inside or outside, small wall sconce lights can make a big difference. A small wall light would be perfect for lighting up darker corners of a room or a reading nook, and some of these wall lights are adjustable so you can angle the light exactly where you need it.

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