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Square Glass
Wall Lights

Square glass wall lights are a different, interesting form of wall light that can add a certain sense of intrigue to your home décor. They are a rather unusual type of light, yet wall lights can be used in all sorts of unusual ways. For example, did you know some can be used on the floor?

To Suit Rooms
£0 £2600

Contemporary Vitrine Box IP43 Wall Light - Small

£220.00 - £240.00

Belgrave Carriage Outdoor Clear Glass Wall Light


    Grosvenor Outdoor Traditional Box Wall Light - Light Grey


      Belgrave Tall Flush Outdoor Lantern Box Wall Light


        Chehoma Classic Square French Indoor Lantern Wall Light


            IP44 Silver Reeded Globe LED Bathroom Wall Light


            IP44 Globe LED Clear Glass Bathroom Wall Light


            IP44 Globe LED Reeded Glass Bathroom Wall Light


            IP44 Globe LED Smoked Glass Bathroom Wall Light


            IP44 Copper Reeded Globe LED Bathroom Wall Light


            IP44 Black Reeded Globe LED Bathroom Wall Light


            Square Glass Sconces

            Although wall lights are most commonly installed on the wall – and that’s where we tend to imagine them – it is possible to install them on the floor. And, if that is not practical, they can be installed at the very bottom of the wall. This is an especially fun way to enjoy well designed glass wall lights. The more like a sculpture or piece of art the light looks, the more likely it will look wonderful sitting on the floor. Of course, if there is a possibility that people will trip over the light, then it might be wise to give this design trend a miss; but if it is safe to do so, then why not?

            Squared Glass Wall Lights

            Squared glass wall lights look great and will still give you excellent lighting coverage across the room. People use floor standing lamps all the time, and this is an extension of that idea. Rather than lamps, however, there are wall lights. This can work extremely well with wall lights that need to be plugged in (much like a standing lamp would) rather than those that need a wall box installed.

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