We noticed you came from The Pendant Light Company - things might look a bit different than they used to.

We have exciting news for our valued customers, you can now buy your wall and pendant lights all in one place.

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You Asked. We Listened.

Now Shop TableWall And Pendant Lights All in One Place.

We are now operating from one website, meaning you can seamlessly shop all types of lighting for any space.

Wall Lights

When space is at a premium you don’t need to compromise on quality lighting with our tiny wall lights. These tiny wall lights are perfect for smaller rooms or any nook or cranny that you feel would benefit from more light.

To Suit Rooms

Tiny wall sconces

Tiny wall sconces are perfect for fitting into those tight spaces around the home. They may be tiny, but they very definitely serve their purpose and shine light just where it’s needed.

Tiny wall light

Small rooms still need lighting and that’s where tiny wall lights come to the fore. A tiny wall light may be little in size but can throw out the light you need. When space is tight, a tiny wall light is right. Tiny wall lights are perfect for ensuites, bathrooms, WCs, closets and snugs. Line up several tiny wall lights to light up the room or hallway.

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